I bet you hear this almost every waking minute of your life.


Can sound cliche’ at times but we all know it’s true.


Only that the thing with gratitude is that it easily comes when the tides are in our favour. When we have climbed the mountain and are at the top with overwhelming applause from those around us. It’s the easiest when good reports hit us from all corners.


But what of when it’s all dry?


When it feels like you’re no longer in an oasis but the desert surrounds you. Gratitude escapes us at such times.


Instead, lamentations takes over. Which is okay because to be human means to go through all the motions and emotions, feeling them to the extent to which it’s been rendered. But do your lamentations lead to praise?

Do you then turn around and remember all the times God has been faithful to you? Is he only God and good when things are going our way, and evil when they are not? I’m talking about this because this is what I’m currently learning.


Maybe even relearning.


See, the year started on a heavy note. Being someone who struggles with anxiety and overthinking, it somewhat took a toll on me and I couldn’t see any good around. Got heavy in to the comparison business and was slowly losing myself; but then God reminds me that he is still God. He opens my eyes to see the things that I should still be grateful for. Sometimes they don’t come the way we’d want them to be, razzmatazz and what not. But they are there. We only need to let the scales fall off our ways and see them.


I hope like me, you will strive to be grateful for all that comes your way – both the good and the bad. That you will cry, mourn, grieve, but in the end let your lament lead to praise.


A heart of gratitude is a spring of joy.


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