Winnie Odande


What’s in a colour?

Now, what’s in your favourite colour?

If you were to ask me, I would say without thinking that green is my favourite colour. I don’t know how and when I came to love this colour. All I know is it’s got me real bad.

Green to me is like that boy you have a super soft spot towards and nothing they say or do can ever be wrong. I always strive to be impartial in all my ways but when it comes to colour green, I plead the 5th because I’ll sure be biased.

From jungle green, olive green, emerald green, to the different shades of green we have, I’m all in hook, line, and sinker. It’s no brainer that it had to feature in my comeback shoot.

These are actually suspender pants but in this shoot I tucked in the straps as they were too long. I’m actually thinking of doing away with them altogether since the pants are already high waist, I feel the straps will be redundant.

What else comes to mind when you think of the word military?

Sobriety. Alertness. Focus.

What else to help us achieve that than coffee? Not just plain ole’ coffee, Eritrean coffee brewed to perfection with its smooth taste exploding in your palettes thanks to @keshkeshspeciality located on the ground floor of Timau Plaza, Hurlinghum.

Green is my safe haven, and this look, perfect to start off the new month.

So let me know, what’s your favourite colour?

Collar Cuff: @taamali_kenya

Pants: @taamali_kenya

Shoes: @untalonshoe

Shot: @kiariikimaniphotography

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