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How I Come up With My Blog Titles

I’ve been asked this question before.

How do you come up with your blog titles?

To be honest, I don’t have a set formula.

My blog title is always inspired by the outfit, current mood/mindset, and what is happening around me.

Most times I look at the outfit I’m about to post and from there I’m able to come up with a title depending on the feeling/emotion it elicits.

Let’s take today’s outfit post for instance.

It’s mainly black and white.

When I looked at it the first thing that came to mind was black and white issues compared to grey area issues.

That was supposed to be today’s writeup, ‘No Grey Area.’

Somehow, it veered off to this one.

That is pretty much how I go about it. Nothing extensive.

Outfit: @taamali_kenya

Shoes: @untalonshoe

Shot: @kiariikimaniphotography

Location: @keshkeshspeciality

If you follow me on social media, you’d know how much I love loose fitting clothes. This was no different. Soon as I picked this sheer shawl from @taamali_kenya i knew I’d love to style it uniquely. This culottes were the perfect combo and the boots, cherry on top.

I know this post would probably be more relatable to fellow bloggers, but at least you get a sneek peak of what goes on in my head during such times.

Maybe some of you bloggers would want to share how you go about yours in the comment section.

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