Broken Telephone

This statement has been going round, “Without saying your age, name one thing from your childhood.”

The answers have been eliciting a nostalgic feeling. Memories of days of old, when you had no cares in the world & all you could think of is which team you will be in in a game of ‘bladder’ ‘kati’ or ‘shake.’

So let me now answer that question – Broken Telephone.

Who remembers this game?

It was pretty hilarious. The 10 or 20 of you seated in a circle & trying to catch what the other person will say to you & make sure you forward it undistorted to the next person.

Of course, there were guys who got some weird thrill sabotaging others either by whispering too low or intentionally mispronouncing a word, or omitting or adding another. All in all, it was fun .

One of the key things it did is enhance our listening skills. The other is show you how the communication train works. How by the time you hear a story you find so much has been altered & so much has been sieved that it’s so different from the original story. That’s why it’s always recommended that you hear things from the horses’ mouth, or at least both sides of the story.

Fast forward to 2018 & we couldn’t be more happy that technological advancements have blessed us with things like the telephone & we can now pick up one, dial a number, and say what it is you want to say without risk of being misquoted.

Like how I can tell you that all products I used on this shoot are from @beautyclick254 & you can get them at discounted offers on top of my additional 10% discount when you use my code ‘Dande.’ Offer is limited so you might want to grab it while it still lasts.

What are some of those things you wish you could just pick up the phone & tell someone directly because your words were once taken out of context?

Mua: @perkyarts

Photos: @kuyohphotography

Dress: @taamalikenya




  • Mumo

    You should have a late night radio show… Maximum respect yo.. That whole set up is vintage proper sana awo

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